CotoMovies APK Download for Android, FireStick, iOS, PC (Latest v2.4.3)

CotoMovies APK lets you watch movies for free on Android. Download CotoMovies App on Android, Firestick, iOS and Windows PC.

Did you ever imagine watching your favorite movie, web series, or TV series without paying a penny? Not the old films and already seen web series, but CotoMovies is an app through which you can access the latest content before any website or app. It has a vast and attractive collection of latest movies and TV series, which is made available to the users just at the cost of zero. It has a massive selection of trending shows, movies, and much more.

Direct Download

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It is compatible with every device you can have like Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, TV, Firestick, Fire TV, and on your PC as well. You have all that you wanted at your fingertips that too without paying anything. Also, this app works on providing streaming links to you rather than hosting videos on servers. CotoMovies APK app offers high-quality content so that you have no quality issues while watching your favorite movie or TV show.

It is not easy to find every latest and oldest one on the internet on the go, and notably, the favorites are always missing or its time consuming to search them on the web! Nowadays, every single person is using some applications for streaming movies on Android and iPhone devices, but what makes users looking for different options is there paid versions. That’s where Coto Movies comes in.

CotoMovies APK File Info

Features of CotoMovies

  • This app is compatible with every device: CotoMovies app is accessible by almost all the devices you can have as you can access your favorite content through your mobile phones, connect it to your TV for a full screen or use a firestick or fire TV as well.
  • You will not have to give a penny to this app team: A user, once connected to this app, can access all the content on the app for free.
  • The CotoMovies app has a user-friendly interface: It is a different application in comparison to other apps that serves the same content as it has an attractive and appealing interface that attracts users and compels them to stay on the app.
  • New features are updated regularly: This app is updated daily with new features and increased quality. This app has newly introduced the element of auto-download, where the video that you are watching will be downloaded automatically for future offline access.
  • This app provides high quality and reputed content: Every app provides its users with content in HD with satisfactory quality. But CotoMovies gives you access to high-quality movies, TV shows, series, and much more.
  • This app provides customized subtitles for better understanding: This has the facility of adding subtitles in the language you prefer. Adding subtitles makes the video more relatable, engaging, and clear to us.
  • This app provides users with unlimited access giving them unlimited enjoyment.
  • This app contains minimal ads: Unlike other competitive applications, This app is where you will find minimal ads. However, it will be unjustified to call it ad-free: it is nearly add-free. You will hardly encounter two ads per movie for the sake of regulating revenue for the owner. Briefly, it offers high-quality content without haunting your screen with tons of irrelevant pop-ups.
  • This app provides daily updates: the CotoMovies app is daily updated with the latest movies and TV shows. You may find the newest release in cinema prints easily. The app is automated to update automatically on every device as soon as the newest version hits the market.
  • This app proves to be an all-rounder: CotoMovies is an application that is an all-rounder, which means that the application contains all types of movies. Now may it be Bollywood or Hollywood, on this platform, you can find everything free. Promptly, if you are looking for your favorite 90s series or the latest release of the market, This app will assist you with everything.
  • Not only this, but the platform is where you can find a bunch of animated content as well for the younger ones of the family.

Download CotoMovies APK

download cotomovies

CotoMovies APK is specially developed to assist people in their spare time as it is always better to spend time in front of a screen instead of wandering here and there. Since the application is the best entertainment platform, one of the best things about it is that it provides unlimited access. This means that one can watch unlimited movies with no barriers. Unlike other movie platforms, CotoMovies has no hassle of exceeding the limit of film or hours used. Additionally, the app also does not interrupt users with free and premium versions. Once you install it on your device, it is open to apply for a lifetime.

How to Download and Install CotoMovies on Android?

Follow the steps below to download the CotoMovies APK app easily:

  1. Android does not allow any application from any unknown sources to get installed on the phone. For this in setting options in security, tab clicks on ‘’unknown sources”, this will enable android to download the CotoMovies app.
  2. Go to the download option. You will see the APK file there. Now run the file by clicking on it.
  3. Installation in just a few second’s records will be installed. You can choose the stream of your choice and log in the same. There is advice to scan the app before using it. Now you can see your favorite TV series or channel with no-huddle anytime and anywhere.
  4. Once the installation is done, you can find the app on your home screen.
  5. Tap on the CotoMovies and launch the app.
  6. You have to know successfully installed the CotoMovies app know you can browse, watch and download all the latest movies and TV Shows from the CotoMovies APK.

How to Download and Install CotoMovies on Windows PC?

  1. As discussed above, first download the APK file on PC.
  2. Download an android emulator.
  3. Install the emulator file and run it. Now sign up with a new Id and follow the step.
  4. Install APK on emulator-Now right click on APK file and choose the emulator and allow it to install. Now the app is downloaded, and you can open the app and watch your favorite movies.
  5. Installing a play TV app on the window is an easy thing to do once you know the process. There is no comparison to this app. You can watch unlimited TV shows and movies online.

How to download CotoMovies on iOS?

CotoMovies is readily available for all iOS devices. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use the CotoMovies app. CotoMovies support iOS 8 to iOS 12. Apple product users can easily download and install CotoMovies for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in several ways.

How to download CotoMovies for Amazon Fire Stick TV?

Fire Stick is a media device that lets you watch video content on your smart TV merely controlled by a remote. CotoMovies is remote-friendly and can be used with Amazon Firestick TV. CotoMovies app is compatible with Fire Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the CotoMovies host videos on their servers?

A- No, CotoMovies do not host videos. The app provides you with streaming links.

2. How do I get CotoMovies on my iPhone??

A- You can download/install the CotoMovies app on your iPhone/Android from the official website.

3. Does CotoMovies APK app stream content in HD?

A- Yes, you can stream the videos in high quality as per your internet connection up to 720p, 1080p.

4. Is CotoMovies APK app safe to use?

A- Yes, the CotoMovies APK app is safe and secure as it is just a direct streaming app and does not host any servers. CotoMovies APK app does not contain any virus/Malware.

5. Is CotoMovies APK app Ad-Free?

A-  No, the CotoMovies APK app contains advertisements to maintain the application.

6. Is CotoMovies APK free of cost?

A- Yes, the CotoMovies app is available to you free of cost, and you can easily download it from the official website.

7. Is CotoMovies available on Google Play Store or App Store?

A- No, CotoMovies is available neither on Google Play Store App Store.

Final Words

CotoMovies is one of the highly streaming platforms of today. Holding an incomparable database, it is on the favorite list of the people of all age groups. With a simple interface, the application was initially designed to be used by each level of users. It has a collection of features that are to amaze users with the best movie streaming experience. This app is built with a user-friendly interface. CotoMovies app is one of the best apps for downloading and watching Latest Movies and Tv Shows online as it is compatible with every operating system.

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