Hunk TV APK Latest v3.4 (No Ads) Download (Official App 2023)

Download Hunk TV APK No Ads Version for Android and iOS devices!

Hunk TV is an app designed for all android devices that allows its users to stream the latest movies and TV shows in full high definition. The best thing about using the Hunk TV app is the clean user interface and how the content is laid out inside the app. 

Movies and TV shows are easy to find without even using the search bar inside the Hunk TV App. All the content is very well organized which helps the viewer find more related content to stream related to their mood or a movie that they just finished. You can catch live TV and live Sports matches using the Hunk TV app from anywhere around the globe. 

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Hunk TV App Features

Hunk TV is a premium app loaded with features that make streaming on this app a wonderful experience. The list of some of the best features of Hunk TV APK is given below, take a look.

  • Great UI
    • The app has a great user interface which is very simple to use yet at the same time is very informative for anyone who is trying to find a good movie or a TV show to watch on their smart device. All the content is categorized in their respective genre so you as a user can easily find related content that you would like and have something else to look forward to while you are watching your desired movie or TV show.
  • Large Collection
    • Hunk TV has a large collection of premium content that you can stream on your smartphone which includes the latest movies and TV shows that you will only find in most premium apps but now you can stream them all without having to pay any subscription fees. The app has all the latest TV shows in its collection and you can binge-watch them all without having to worry about finding them on the internet.
  • Regularly Updated
    • The collection of Hunk TV is updated on a regular basis so its users always have the option of streaming the latest movies available which have been released in the recent past. You can expect to find the latest content in full HD on this platform. The app itself receives updates on a regular basis which improves its user interface and fixes any bugs that the app might be experiencing so the user can enjoy a seamless and effortless streaming experience.
  • Fast Downloads
    • With the Hunk TV App install on your smartphone you can download HD movies and TV shows at a much faster rate than its competitors. The only limiting factor will be your internet speed, you can now enjoy seamless HD or even 4K streaming with the Hunk TV app.
  • Multiple Resolution
    • All the content on Hunk TV is available in multiple resolutions so the user can choose the resolution in which they want to stream their favorite media in. This also caters to the user who doesn’t have a fast internet connection and just wants to stream the latest movies using the Hunk TV app.
  • Built-in Media Player
    • Hunk TV has a built-in media player that allows its users to start watching movies or TV shows directly on the app without having to download them first on their smartphones and this also eliminates the need to download a third-party media player to be installed on their devices just for them to enjoy movies using Hunk TV. 
  • Subtitle Support
    • Hunk TV supports subtitles in multiple languages and this allows the app to reach many different nationalities and cultures which speak different languages. This is one of the reasons why the app is popular all around the world and has millions of users that use it to stream their favorite movies in their leisure time. 
  • Web Series Collection
    • The app has a large web series collection which is updated on a regular basis with the latest Web series from multiple different platforms and the user of this app does not have to subscribe to different content streaming apps and can stream all the content and web series they want using just Hunk TV.
  • Select Region
    • Users can select the region that they are living in so that they can enjoy movies and TV shows dubbed in their local language and don’t have to rely on reading the subtitles while watching any content. Reading subtitles also ruins the experience to hey certain extent because you are not fully able to watch what is happening on the screen as a part of your attention is divided into reading the text. 

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How to Install Hunk TV APK on Android

  1. Download the Hunk TV APK file on your smartphone.
  2. Open ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘General Settings’ page.
  3. Turn on the ‘Allow apps from Unknown Sources’ option.
  4. Open your browser and navigate to the ‘Downloads’ section.
  5. Locate the recently downloaded Hunk TV APK file and open it.
  6. The app will start installing automatically, following the installation process.
  7. Navigate back to the home screen of your device once the installation is successfully completed.
  8. Open Hunk TV APP and start streaming.

How to use Hunk TV on iOS

Hunk TV is a great app to have on any smart device for every avid movie buff out there but unfortunately, the app is not available on iOS devices as of now. We will update this guide if Hunk TV for iOS devices is made available and you can check back on this page to know more details about the same. 


Hunk TV is a popular app and has users around the globe that swear by this app for all their entertainment needs naturally some questions arise while downloading the app for the first time on your smart device. Below is the list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hunk TV APP which will hopefully answer any doubts you might have regarding the app.

  • Is Hunk TV App free?
    • Yes, Hunk TV is an absolutely free app available for all android and android-based devices. There is no subscription fee that the user has to pay in order to access its content libraries.
  • Does Hunk TV APK need root access?
    • No, Hunk TV does not require you to make any permanent changes to your android device and you can simply download the app and start using it right away.
  • What permissions are required by the Hunk TV app?
    • Hunk TV App only requires storage access in order to store the downloaded files in order to allow the user to stream them at any point without having to access the internet.
  • Are new movies available on Hunk TV?
    • The collection of movies on this app is updated on a regular basis so you can expect to find the latest movies available on Hunk TV shortly after their release date.

Conclusion: Hunk TV APK Latest Version Download (No Ads)

This was our guide on everything that you need to know about Hunk TV APK for Android and how to use the Hunk TV App to stream movies and TV shows for free. If you have any queries related to Hunk TV then please ask them using the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help you out with the solutions. 

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