OneTouch TV APK Latest v3.1.5 Download [No Ads] (Official App)

Download OneTouch TV APK Latest Version with No Ads!

OneTouch TV is a premium content streaming application designed for a number of different android based devices that you can use to stream premium Asian content for absolutely free of charge. OneTouch TV is packed with the latest industry-leading features and is the preferred choice of people to stream any Asian content on their smartphones and smart TVs. Users of OneTouch TV can also stream live TV channels on their smart devices.

Download OneTouch TV APK for Android Free

Download OneTouch TV APK


OneTouch TV Features

OneTouch TV is packed with the latest features that you would expect from a premium streaming app. All the best features of OneTouch TV are explained in brief detail below, take a look. 

  • Premium Asian Content
    • Stream the latest and most premium Asian movies and TV shows on your smart device for absolutely free of charge using OneTouch TV. The app has a large collection of all the major Asian movies that have collected critical acclaim. Most Asian movies are unavailable on popular entertainment apps but now you can stream them easily on your phone using the app.
  • Unlimited Video Streaming
    • There is no limit on the number of videos that a user can stream using OneTouch TV APK. You can stream unlimited movies without having to worry about running out of your streaming limit. Users can also download unlimited HD movies on their devices without having to worry about any limits. 
  • Free and Fast Downloads
    • All the movies and TV shows available on this platform can be easily downloaded on the smart device that you are using to stream. OneTouch TV offers very fast download speeds which aid in downloading large-sized Files very quickly onto your device with the help of a fast internet connection. You can use this feature to download movies when you have access to a fast internet connection and watch them later without having to use any data in order to stream the movie.
  • Multilingual Subtitles
    • Almost all the popular movies and TV shows on OneTouch TV have subtitles available in multiple different languages so that the people living in remote areas of the world can enjoy the movie and understand the dialogues if they are not fluent in the native language of the movie they are watching. Even when no dubbed version of the movie exists in your local language you can still watch the movie and understand it if you speak a little bit of any popular language.
  • Large Collection
    • OneTouch TV has a large collection of the latest movies and exclusive TV shows that are available on one single app and users do not have to buy subscriptions to multiple different entertainment apps in order to watch them all. New movies are added to the collection regularly soon after they are released so that the users of this app always have New movies to look forward to and never run out of content to stream on their smart devices. 
  • Simple User Interface
    • One of the best things about using OneTouch TV to stream is the simple and active user interface of the app. Everything is very well organized inside the app and you can browse through its large content library and find any movie that you are looking for or look for any good movie recommendations depending on your mood and genre of the movie. 
  • No Sign Up Required
    • There is no sign of a process required in order to access any content on OneTouch TV. Users can stream unlimited content without having to make an account with them first and there is no monthly subscription fee that users of this app have to pay in order to access its content libraries. 
  • Integrated Media Player
    • OneTouch TV has a built-in media player that you can use in order to play any movie or premium content available in its collection. The media player has all the features that you would expect from a popular streaming app such as speed control resolution control pause play and brightness control that is easily accessible right on the screen and you do not have to pause streaming in order to adjust these parameters while enjoying a movie. 
  • Regular Updates
    • OneTouch TV and its collection are updated on a regular basis with bugs exes and new movies added to keep the app running smoothly and loaded with the newest movies available. Exclusive TV shows are also added to its collection so that users don’t have to use multiple different entertainment apps and can stream all their favorite TV shows using one single app.

Download OneTouch TV APK Latest Version

How to Install OneTouch TV APK on Android

  1. Download the OneTouch TV APK file on your android device. 
  2. Open ‘Settings’ and turn on the option ‘Allow Apps from Unknown Sources’.
  3. Open any file manager installed on your smartphone and locate the recently download APK file of the OneTouch TV app.
  4. Tap on the APK to install it on your device. 
  5. Follow the installation process and wait for the app to get successfully installed. 
  6. Navigate back to the homepage and run the OneTouch TV APP from the app drawer.
  7. Tap on ‘Allow’ if you see any permissions pop-ups that are required for the app to run smoothly. 
  8. Now you can stream your favorite movies using the OneTouch TV app.

How to use OneTouch TV App on a PC

The best experience of the OneTouch TV App can be had on a big screen, such as a PC. There is no direct app available for computers but you can use a workaround and install the app on your PC. You can install an android emulator on your PC which mimics an android device inside your windows operating system and you can use that emulator to download and install OneTouch TV APK on PC and use it to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. 

OneTouch TV FAQs

  • Does OneTouch TV require root?
    • No, OneTouch TV does not require its users to make any permanent changes to its operating system or hardware. You can use the app without having to make any major changes to your smart device and start streaming right away.
  • Is OneTouch TV Free?
    • Yes, OneTouch TV is absolutely free and you can use it without having to pay any subscription fee in order to access its content libraries.
  • Is OneTouch TV safe?
    • Yes, OneTouch TV is safe to use on any android smartphone or smart TV. It does not collect any user data and you do not get personalized ads based on your watch history. The app also does not record your search history or track your movement across apps as opposed to other entertainment apps.
  • Does OneTouch TV require permissions?
    • Yes, OneTouch TV requires storage permission to store local files on your android-based device. Storage access is also required to download media files on your smart device in order to access them later without having to use an internet connection.

Conclusion: Download OneTouch TV APK for Android Free

This was our complete guide on OneTouch TV APK for Android. OneTouch TV is truly one of the best apps to have on your smartphone for every movie buff so they can watch their favorite movies on their preferred device for free and in full HD. If you have any queries regarding the OneTouch TV app then feel free to ask them using the comment section below, we will be happy to help. 

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