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RedFlix TV APK is one such application that provides you the freedom to watch all your choice of channels, shows, series, or movies free on your android devices. With TV live stream applications trending Amazon or Netflix have now become history. You no longer have to pay for watching your all-time favorite TV shows and web series. It provides entertainment more than what you expect.

Name RedFlix TV (KingoTV)
Downloads 350,000+
Required 4.4 +
Updated on October 1, 2021
Size 8 MB
Version 3.0

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About RedFlix TV APK

The era of watching television has been turned entirely upside down with the introduction of various applications that can be used for free on your android or iOS devices. There are numerous ways available in today’s scenario where you can easily watch your favorite shows, channels, and movies without subscribing to the costly cable connections. Gone are those days of cut-off from the cable man, or reconfiguration according to your subscriptions, renewal of subscriptions, or bad weather effect on the signals. The cable subscriptions are replaced for much more fun and entertainment by wireless options. Now you don’t have to pay for your entertainment which is supposedly produced for leveling down your stress,

RedFlix TV APK is a very famous TV application designed for android which provides you all kinds of entertainment online. And this world of entertainment is available for free with stable internet connections

All the Bollywood and Hollywood actors are just at the tip of your fingers. Just download the application on your device and enjoy the worldwide entertainment on the go. RedFlix TV offers to full HD quality bundle of entertainment of horror, crime, romance, drama, action, etc in one single application

With RedFlix installed in your hands, you don’t have to wait until the lower version of your favorite blockbuster fits in after its release. All your favorite actors and their scripts can be followed as soon as their work is released. Also, you don’t have to waste your money or pay for your entertainment.

The RedFlix TV app is free as the developers are surviving well with the high amount of donations and advertisements. However, the developers ensure that these advertisements disturb your watching of the streams in the least possible way.

Features of RedFlix TV

A wide variety of devices including NVIDIA Shield, Android Boxes, Firestick, First 4K support RedFlix TV for downloading, and running the application. The RedFlix App is legitimate for all the legal restrictions set by all of these devices. It is safe to install the app on the devices without any doubt about security violations.

  • Support for login
  • Option for downloading offline
  • Unique and simple design
  • Regular updates
  • Option to tag favorites
  • High Definition quality for every stream
  • Supported worldwide
  • Easier searching for preferences
  • Live TV
  • Supported by Telegram
  • User friendly

TV Shows

Almost all TV shows and series are available on RedFlix TV for enjoying the non-stop drama, romance, and thriller without missing any of the episodes and updates. Also series from other parts of the country or world are available.

Live Sports

The latest updates, news, gossip, and events stream live on RedFlix TV. The championships and leagues are also hosted. With your device, you can have access to all the news channels on-air and live accurately.


The best part of this app is that time is not a constraint. You can download the media and watch it offline at your convenience and comfort.

Installing RedFlix TV APK on Android device

For your Android Device, you cannot download the app from Google Playstore as you regularly do. You will have to download the RedFlix app from the developer’s site. The size of the app is 8 MB. The steps to be followed for downloading the app are as follows:

  • Assure about the storage space on the device and then visit the developer’s site for RedFlix TV
  • Click on the Download option and wait until the download completes
  • Check the settings on your device for installation permission from unknown sources and also disable the anti-virus
  • Click on the RedFlix APK for installing the application
  • Accept the terms and conditions once you open the Application
  • The application confirms some storage-related permissions. Allow the permissions
  • And the journey for unlimited entertainment and fun with tones of options gets started

Installing RedFlix TV on Fire TV 4K and FireStick

Installing RedFlix TV on Firestick is a bit of a tough job, yet it gives the same results like that on other devices. However, for some of the features which are not compatible you have to toggle through mouse

The steps to be followed for downloading and installing the app are as follows:

  • Click on the settings menu of the Fire Stick
  • Navigate up to the option Device in the menu
  • Under that open the developer options
  • Tap on the option Apps from Unkown Sources
  • This should be enabled to install applications from websites other than opted for
  • On the home screen click on the search icon from the menu bar
  • Type downloader in the space for search
  • Select downloader from the given suggestions and install the application on your Fire TV or FireStick
  • When you open Downloader allow the permissions for storage when prompted
  • Again in the settings menu of your device enable javascript in the built-in the web browser
  • From the menu click on browser and type and tap the enter button
  • The RedFlix TV APK is downloaded.
  • Once that is done click on the install button
  • Once the application is installed, tap on the open button or done button
  • If you tap on the Done button then browse through Apps and channel sections to find RedFlix TV App
  • And the journey for unlimited entertainment and fun with tones of options gets started

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is RedFlix TV safe to install on your devices?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to install the RedFlix TV app on your device. The authorities impose a number of terms and conditions for the appropriate working of the website. The settings for inappropriate media, misinformative files, and rogue apps are enabled so as to safeguard the users and the device. Thus this application is secured for all age users and different devices

  • Is the Application RedFlix TV legitimate?

The laws of the United Kingdom govern the terms of this application. Also, the website functions in accordance with these substantive laws. The application is responsible for providing all the things that it commits to its users. In case of failure, the application will have to terminate itself. Hence the application RedFlix TV is as legitimate as it has to be

  • How do you update the RedFlix App?

Updating RedFlix App is simple and easy. You have to just visit the official website and update the application. The other option is updating the app through push notification. Push notification service is quicker for updates

  • What can be done when RedFlix App does not work?

Normally RedFlix App gives an uninterrupted service. But in case it is not working then the reason may be that the developers have updated the application or the servers have been lost due to high unexpected traffic. So whenever it so happens just have patience, the developers sort the issue as quickly as possible

  • How to download RedFlix TV on Fire TV 4K or Fire Stick?

Fire TV 4 k or Fire Stick is Android functioning devices. So RedFlix TV does support these devices undoubtedly. The download link is available on the official website of the application

Conclusion: Download RedFlix TV App

RedFlix TV is an IPTV that is incomparable to the cable subscription in terms of fun and entertainment. The app provides tones of options and a variety of channels, series, and movies from all over the world. So exhausting everything is next to impossible. With constant updates, developers of the website assure that you do not miss a single moment of what you love to watch. It may happen that some of your favorites are not available but then that can always be demanded from the developers through suggestions to the app

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