RedStar TV APK Latest v3.0 Official Download (IPL Live 2022)


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Download RedStar TV APK for Android Free!

Download the RedStar TV APK for android and watch live TV, new movies, and exclusive TV shows on one single app for absolutely free of charge. RedStar TV is a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs where you can find all sorts of content in full high definition any time of the day and any day of the week. 

Millions of sports fans around the world are tuning in every day to catch the live sports events being streamed on TV channels this sports season but you can watch it all on your phone without having to sit in front of your TV using the RedStar TV app. 

RedStar TV APK latest version

Download RedStar TV APK


RedStar TV Features

  • Large Movie Collection
    • RedStar TV APK has a large collection of the latest movies from Hollywood and other production houses and new movies are added to its collection on a regular basis so that the users of this app can enjoy the best art of cinema that is available. The collection of movies is not limited to the latest action movies, you can find a whole subsection of the best-rated movies of all time and browse through them to enrich your knowledge of cinema.
  • No Subscription Required
    • Users are not required to buy any monthly subscription in order to access its premium content libraries, you can just download the RedStar TV app and start streaming TV shows and the latest movies right away. The app does not even ask you to sign in or make an account with them before giving you access to The collection of HD movies and TV shows.
  • Free Live TV
    • Free live TV channels are available to stream on your smartphone using RedStar TV. Now you no longer have to be present in front of your TV at your house when you want to catch your favorite sports team play, you can watch the entire match on your smartphone for free and all you need is an active internet connection and a cold beverage. You can also stream live TV channels while commuting so that you can take advantage of the time you would be doing nothing productive. 
  • Food & Travel Content
    • Food and travel content is abundant on RedStar TV and the production quality rivals any other major TV channel. You can stream all the food and travel shows from all other entertainment apps and TV channels straight to your smartphone using this app which will save you a lot of time and subscription money.
  • News Section
    • RedStar TV has a dedicated news section where you can get the latest updates about the most pressing matters that are going on around the world and get your facts updated on a regular basis with professionally created news bulletins that I delivered to you in an entertaining manner. The news clips are Created with the best production quality and they will update you on what’s going on around you so that you can be on top of things that are important.
  • Regular Updates
    • The RedStar TV app receives updates on a regular basis to keep it bug-free and running smoothly. The content libraries are also updated on a constant basis so that the content is kept fresh and users always have something new added to the collection that they can stream on their devices.
  • Ad-Free UI
    • RedStar TV offers an ad-free user interface that is both simple and non-intrusive. You can enjoy your movies and TV shows in peace without having to Watch ads before streaming anything on your device. 
  • Screenshots Allowed
    • One of the best things about using the RedStar TV app is that it allows its users to screenshot any seen inside the app so that they can share them with their friends and talk about it. In this social age, we are constantly sharing anything and everything we find interesting with our friends but most entertainment apps do not allow users to screenshot while they are streaming.
  • No Registration Required 
    • You do not need to register your account on RedStar TV in order to start streaming, you can just download the app and watch any movie or TV show episode that you like. There are no subscription fees either so you do not have to worry about having to pay a monthly subscription in order to access its content library.
  • Built-in Dark Mode
    • RedStar TV APK has a built-in dark mode which dims most areas and makes the user interface low-light friendly. This new interface is very easy to use in the dark which is how most people use entertainment apps on their devices. This new user interface is also better for your eyes because now you are not having to bear A great deal of contrast between the screen and your surrounding.

RedStar TV IPL Live 2022 App Download

How to Install RedStar TV APK on Android

  1. Download RedStar TV APK for android on your smartphone.
  2. Open ‘Settings’ on your android device and navigate into ‘Privacy Settings’.
  3. Find the ‘Build Number’ option and tap on it until you see the ‘You are now a developer’ message pop-up.
  4. Now open the newly unlocked ‘Developer Settings’ and turn on the option that says ‘Allow apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Navigate back to the home screen of your device and open any file manager installed on your phone.
  6. Open the ‘Downloads folder and tap on the recently downloaded RedStar TV APK file. 
  7. The app will start installing automatically, just follow the basic installation process.
  8. Run RedStar TV APP from the home screen and enjoy free HD content. 

How to use RedStar TV on Firestick

The large collection of HD and 4k content available on the RedStar TV app can be best paired with a smart TV where users can really appreciate the amazing details in the picture quality on the big screen. Unfortunately, the RedStar TV app is not available for FireStick and other operating systems other than android so users will not be able to use it on their smart TVs as of now. We will make sure to update this section of the article if support for Firestick is added to the RedStar TV app in the future. 


  • Is RedStar TV APK safe?
    • Yes, RedStar TV is a safe app to use on your android device. It does not track its users or show personalized ads and you can have peace of mind while using the RedStar TV app on your smartphone.
  • What is an APK File?
    • An APK file is an installer file designed for android devices and you can use it to install apps on your device without having to use any installer. 
  • Is the RedStar TV app free to use?
    • Yes, the RedStar TV app is completely free to use and users are not required to pay any subscription fees to access its collection of HD content. 

Conclusion: RedStar TV IPL Live 2022 App Download

This was our complete guide on how to download RedStar TV APK for Android devices. It is truly one of the most complete entertainment apps to have on the smart device that gives you access to all the latest movies and exclusive content that you would not get with a single app. If you have any queries regarding the RedStar TV app or its installation process then ask them using the comment section below and we will be happy to help you with the appropriate solution. 

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