Moviebox APK Download for Android, FireStick, iOS, PC

Moviebox App lets you watch all your favorite movies on your mobile. Download Moviebox APK for Android, iOS, PC or Firestick and watch movies for free.

Are you bored of browsing several applications for various reasons? Did you ever think of having different types of content at one go that too in one application? No right? So, here is the most popular application Moviebox exclusively designed by our experts only for you at your fingertips. This application brings all its users to enjoy unlimited multimedia content exclusively on your android mobile phones. You can use this application to get all Moviebox features for your Android device. It’s always updated with thousands of Movies, Videos, TV Shows, various sport events, and supports the Android platform. This application is quite user-friendly and very easy to use.

Direct Download

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So, you should make Moviebox as your first preference to use due to 3 main reasons that are design, variety, and free of cost application. Talking about its design, which is unique, and one who uses will surely feel to be true even without having any hesitation. This application has a diverse content starting from upcoming movies, popular TV shows, latest news to having music playlist, sports update as well as unlimited content. One of the best motives why this MovieBox application differs from other apps is mainly because of its quality and features available at absolutely no cost to its smartphones.


  • No Registration Process: Moviebox is easy to use, and you don’t require to register for the same. Just download the application from your play store and start enjoying right from the start.
  • Type of content Available: Now you can enjoy any kind of unlimited content on your smartphone. Types of content that you can easily access through this app would be the latest sports, music playlist, latest movies, and tv shows. It is free of cost.
  • Subtitles in different languages: If you are a big fan of your regional language, this is a perfect application. Here you can start watching your favorite movies, tv shows as well as sports in your preferred languages just in once click.
  • Download Moviebox at no cost: Are you worried about paying for subscription plan monthly or annually to watch high-quality content on your smartphone? You don’t need to worry anymore as Moviebox comes free of charge. It means you don’t need to empty your pockets to watch various content on your phone. Just download the application and start using the content for free.
  • Download & access offline: If you don’t have the internet or WiFi connected to your phone every single time you travel, just sit back and relax. It has a download now and watch later option, which will help you to save time and start using your favorite shows & movies at any given time with no internet connection.
  • Knowledge application: To gain more knowledge, you can start using this application just by clicking on several useful and informative content like Technology, current affairs, sports, and many more. You can also opt for various News channels available in several languages.
  • No Language Barrier: As mentioned above, you can watch any show in any language by simply setting up the language options in Moviebox. Also, you can now watch some of the shows already dubbed in various languages to make it easy for the users.
  • Time to Time Update: You don’t need to search the latest shows & movies anywhere else as this app is automatically updated from time to time for hassle-free use. We make sure that the shows are regularly updated so that you don’t miss out on any latest content available on the app.
  • Our Moviebox team experts always make sure that the application is regularly updated so that users enjoy every single minute of their time they spend on the MovieBox app. If any user wants to have an overview of a particular movie, tv-show or other events, our team has made sure that anyone can access this information, which is provided in the form of the table so that it isn’t ignored.
  • Minimal ads: Moviebox will have no series of ads through which the user is interrupted. It will only provide a few yet knowledgeable advertisements.
  • Safe and secured: This Moviebox application is entirely secure, and no user should worry about any virus and malware which will harm your device. Our team makes sure that safety is more important while using this application as well as secured.

Download Moviebox

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How to Download Moviebox for Android?

You can now easily download this beautiful and user-friendly application Moviebox right at your fingertips. You just need to follow this procedure which is mentioned below for you to download this application.

Firstly, the most important step to download is to enable unknown sources so that you start downloading this application. It is easily available to download on your smartphone. You can do it by going to the settings menu of your android phone. Click on the securities and unknown sources. Next, switch it on to download the application without any restrictions. Now, you can freely download this app at any given time on your device.

How to Install Moviebox?

Install Moviebox from any source which is available on the internet. Once the installation is successful, just open the application and start enjoying it for free of cost.

How to Download MovieBox for iOS?

The most important step to download this application on your IOS device is just to download the android emulator like Nox or Blue Stack, which will be helpful for you to install it on your IOS device.

Make sure that whichever emulator you will download for your given Mac product should be easily installed for your particular operating system. This will help in downloading and installing the application quickly on your IOS device. Once it is easily installed, sign in with Google to start downloading MovieBox app on the device. Start searching for the MovieBox app in the emulator, install, and start enjoying this application to the fullest.

How to Download MovieBox for Firestick?

You can start downloading the Moviebox Application from any of the unknown sources available on the internet.

  • Once, the user has downloaded from any link on the internet, kindly save it into any folder on your PC.
  • Start installing the emulator on your PC and sign in with Google to continue with the process. It is the same process as the IOS.
  • Now, start searching to downloaded the file of Moviebox in the emulator.
  • Lastly, just drop the same file in the emulator. Once done, just install the file and start using it.

Enjoy the Moviebox app after the installation with unlimited access.

Frequently Asked Questions


In which devices Moviebox application is easily accessible and available?

Moviebox is compatible with all android and iOS supporting devices such as Android Smartphone, Android Smart TV, Android TV Box, Firestick, Fire TV, KODI Android BOX, Fire Cube, Android SMART Watch, iOS smartphone, TV and it works on PC as well.

Do we require any permission to install the Moviebox app?

Yes, permission is required in Android smartphones to install it from the third party. Kindly follow the steps for easy installation:

  1. Go to Settings in your device
  2. Then, click on Security
  3. Next, click on Unknown Sources

Permission is required in Firestick. Please follow these steps:

  • Go to Home Screen
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Device
  • Click on Developer Options
  • Click on Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Click on Turn On button

Can we install the Moviebox application on PC?

Moviebox is only supported on Android devices, but you can also run this application with an Android emulator on PC.

Is Moviebox free from Virus?

Yes, the Moviebox app is entirely virus-free with the safe and secure installation.

Is Moviebox Add Free?

No, it does contain ads but very few and knowledgeable ads.

Do I need to pay for accessing the Moviebox app?

No, you need not require to pay anything for enjoying the latest and variety of content as it is free to access for everyone.

Is it easy to set a language as per my reference? Or is there only one language available?

Yes, there are a list of languages you can choose from according to your need and can also select subtitles in the style you are more comfortable with.

Will I be able to download any videos from Moviebox App to watch later?

Yes, Moviebox gives you further access to the content from the app for future access, which can be utilized offline.

Do I need to fill any registration or subscription form for accessing the content on the app?

No, the user does not need to fill any details for subscription or pre-registration. You can start enjoying the free content on the Moviebox app right from the start.

Final Words

To conclude, Moviebox application is one in all applications used to watch various content starting from watching the latest movies, most popular tv shows, news, and the latest sports news and many more. You can start enjoying this amazing application just by downloading and installing Moviebox in your device at any given time. Yes, all of these features come at no cost to you. It is also safe and secured to download and watch any content at any time and comes with no registration or subscription. A user downloading this Moviebox app can view any content as per his preference of region as well as language. It is also one of the best alternatives for music apps, television, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and install this Moviebox Application quickly and start enjoying the latest shows, movies, and much more on your smartphone.

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