Popcorn Time APK Download for Android, FireStick, iOS, PC

Popcorn Time APK lets you watch movies on your mobile for free. Download Popcorn Time App on Android, iOS, Firestick or PC.

Various applications for other purposes? Why have so much trouble when you can have every type of content in one application. Here at popcorn time APK, we the apps much better for the users to use without any hassle. This application brings one in all types of content, which is quite good and not like other apps that have only specific content. You can now enjoy unlimited media at no cost on your smartphone. Yes, it is absolutely free to use. The user-friendly interface makes the user navigate through the app so easily. This Popcorn Time has a variety of content like on-demand news, movies, tv shows, sports, and much more that too under one roof. These all come is an organized manner.

Direct Download

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There are several reasons for us to give why a user should use this amazing application on their smartphone? Firstly, the design. Next is the variety and last but not the least zero cost application. Yes, the design is so simple and appealing, which makes the user use it quite frequently. The app is user-friendly, as well. Popcorn Timelication comes with a variety of content such as the latest movies, trending TV shows, exciting news, and sports events, favorite music playlists, and also the content which is unlimited to enjoy. Lastly, the application is absolutely free to use, and you don’t need to pay anything.


  • Subtitles available in various languages: If you are very much used to listening to the content in your preferred language, you can do so. Just choose from the languages available in the app. Also, there are several shows which are already available in multiple languages so that users can sit back and enjoy.
  • No registration at the Popcorn Time: You don’t need to register at the Popcorn Time after downloading the app. Just install and start enjoying. There wouldn’t be any registration form to be filled.
  • Types of content available: There is multiple contents available in this application to watch. Just like Movies, TV shows, and web series, sport-related events, news, and music just start with a click. Enjoy the app with unlimited options.
  • No payment required at Popcorn Time: Like other application which ask you to pay a particular membership fee to access the content, here at popcorn APK you don’t need to pay anything as it comes for free of cost. Users can also watch high-quality content that too for free of cost.
  • Users can now download the content to access it offline: If you don’t have the internet connection all the time you travel here and there, don’t worry as this application provides you with offline access. It means you can now download the content you want to watch and save it on your smartphone to watch it later when you are off the internet. This will save a lot of time, and you can also enjoy and spend this time watching your favorite shows.
  • Users can gain knowledge through this application: This application is not just for entertainment purposes but also for extra knowledge. You can now stream current affairs, live news about sports and nationwide too. The news is also available in multiple languages so that the user can feel it free and easy to understand.
  • There is no language barrier: You can access the content as per your needs and that too in your selected language. Even the translated versions of many shows are available.
  • Content is updated from time to time: Here at the Popcorn Time, the content is updated from time to time so that the users using this app don’t miss out on any updated and latest shows. You can also watch old and new shows from the list. The content is updated from time to time so that we don’t miss out on anything.
  • The team is organizing and updating every information related to the shows available: If any user wants to get an overview of any show, web series, or movie before watching it, and you can also access the information that is saved in the form of tables so it is easily accessible. You won’t be denied any information.
  • It contains minimal ads: Every application available comes with a lot of ads, which is quite disturbing while using the app and watching something important. With this app, you have very fewer ads so that people aren’t interrupted. Also, the ads which are shown is knowledgeable.
  • This app is entirely safe and secure for the users of popcorn APK: Popcorn Time is safe and secured as it does not contain any virus or malware which will harm your smartphone.

How to Download Popcorn Time?

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How to Download Popcorn Time on Android?

You can easily download and install the application in your android device. Users just need to download this app simply by following a few easy steps. The first and vital step is to enable unknown sources so that you can download this app from any local sources as it isn’t available on the play store. You can follow this by going to settings, click on securities and unknown sources, and click the switch on to download the application. You are free to download the app anytime. Install this Popcorn Time from any source available on the internet. Once done, you can now start enjoying this beautiful application unlimited.

How to Download Popcorn Time on iOS and Mac?

It is very easy for users to download this application on iOS. Simply follow these steps below; kindly download Android Emulator like Blue Stack or Nox. Make sure that whichever emulator you are downloading is reliable and also supports the operating system for future installation. Once successfully installed, open, and sign in with Google to continue downloading the Popcorn Time. Finally, search for popcorn APK on this emulator. Install it and enjoy endlessly and access all the features available.

How to Download Popcorn Time on Firestick?

It is very easy to download the Popcorn Time from any of the unknown sources available on the internet. Once you have downloaded, kindly save it into any folder on your desktop. The next user needs to install the emulator and sign in with Google to continue with further actions. Search for the downloaded file in the emulator by typing the Popcorn Time. Now drop the same data in the installed emulator and lastly install it.do enjoy the application once done.

Frequently Asked Questions


On which devices Popcorn Time is easily accessible?

This application is compatible with all android and iOS supporting devices such as Android Smartphones, iOS devices, TV, and it works on PC as well.

Do we require any permission to install the Popcorn Time?

Yes, permission needed in Android Smartphone to install from the third party follows steps:

  1. Kindly Go to Settings
  2. Next, Click on Security
  3. Lastly, Click on Unknown Sources

One permission is also needed in Firestick follow steps:

  • Kindly Go to Home Screen
  • Next, click on settings
  • Then, Click on Device
  • After that Click on Developer Options
  • Later on Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Finally, click on Turn On button

Can we install the Popcorn Time on PC?

Popcorn Time is only supported on Android devices, but you can also run a Popcorn Time with an Android emulator on PC.

Is Popcorn APK Virus Free?

The Popcorn Time is entirely virus-free.

Is Popcorn Time ad-free?

No, the Popcorn Time contains ads.

Do I need to pay for accessing the Popcorn Time?

No, the user doesn’t need to pay anything for enjoying the latest and variety of content as it is free for all the users to access.

Can I set a language as per my reference? Or is there only one language predefined?

Yes, there is a list of languages you can choose from according to your needs, and also you can select subtitles.

Can I download any video from the app to watch later?

Yes, Users can download the content from the popcorn app for future offline access.

Do I need to fill out any registration or subscription form for accessing the content on the app?

No, you don’t need to fill any subscription fee. Just enjoy the free content on the Popcorn Time.


Popcorn Time is an application used for watching TV shows, movies, web series, and also listening to music, the latest news, enjoy various sport events, and much more. As a user, you now access all of these on your Android devices, iOS devices, as well as on your PC. The best part about this application is it comes with no cost to download means, which is absolutely free. Yes, it is free to use, easily accessible, and no subscription or registration is required to use this amazing application. Apart from Indian, you can also start watching content as per your need for language. It is one of the best alternatives for all the other mediums like TV, movie halls, and music apps as you are getting all of these benefits in one application and guess what, that too for free of cost.

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