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Movies HD APK is perfect for watching movies on your mobile device. Download Movies HD APK for Android, iOS, PC, or Firestick for free.

Do you love enjoying your weekends with newly released movies and TV shows? Do you think twice and thrice before going to watch a movie just because of high ticket rates? Of course, everyone will think before spending money on our entertainment. Many times, you get trapped in the name of free websites for watching movies and TV shows as they promise to give free access to the users but often release a subscription form after a month or two of open access.

Movies HD APK

Download Movies HD APK


To get you out of such misleading situations, there is a newly launched application named Movie HD APK, where you will get your favorite Hollywood movie and TV show. This app provides the latest and trending movies, and TV shows that, too, without taking a penny from the users. Movies HD app gives you a lifetime free access to all the videos available on the app.

Many such apps are there, but they are full of annoying advertisements that often make users discontinue the app. But Movies HD app does not have any ads in it, which makes it more user-friendly and appealing. Also, you won’t have quality issues in this app if you can access any movie or TV show in HD and even in Ultra HD mode.

Features of Movies HD

Size compatibility

One of the significant problems users are facing while downloading any such application is related to the size and space it is consuming. But this app is very compatible in terms of size as this app consumes less than 6 MB of space, which is the best thing about this app possible only due to proper optimization of the features and options available in the app.

Easy to Use

The next attractive feature of the Movies HD app is its user-friendly interface, which makes it attractive and easy to use. You will automatically get different categories to search like most searched movies, trending shows, and much more, which makes it easy for the user to access his favorite content on the app. Also, the user himself can filter the app accordingly as most searched, trending, favorites, etc. All the related content will be available to you.

Multiple Streaming Options

Quality is the key to attracting users. No one likes interrupted videos with a low-quality definition. This app provides the users with various streaming options starting from the most inferior quality of 144p to the highest of 720p and 1080p. You can choose the quality options according to your internet connection.

Huge Catalogs

What the audience loves the most about the apps is the variety of content they provide. Movies HD app provides you with uncountable movies and TV shows with free lifetime access. You will find all the trending and latest content on this app, and you will start accessing it without any extra effort of subscribing or buying anything.

Free access to the users

Movies HD app does not ask for any payment neither at the starting nor while accessing the content. Any user can watch any new or old movie, latest or repetitive TV shows, or any web series without getting tensed about the payment requirements.

No registration required

Many apps annoy users by making them fill lengthy registration or subscription forms to continue with the app. But there is no such requirement for Movies HD. The highly qualified and professional team of Movies HD app has designed the app in such a way that it allows users to enjoy unlimited content on the app without any prior registration.

Ad-Free Experience

You may be wondering if it is a free app, then it must be full of annoying and clumsy ads that would interrupt you in between. But no, Movies HD is an open online platform with no advertisements to provide the best to its users. You will not find even a single ad on the app, which will empower you to watch more and more videos and enjoy it.

New features are added regularly

Movies HD app does not only increase the number of movies and TV shows on the app but also introduce new features and options which suit the users best. The team has introduced some new features like adding the content which you like the most to the favorite section. Also, Movies HD has increased the search results so that you can find what you are looking for in less time.

movies hd app

How to Install Movie HD APK on Android?

It is very easy to download and install the Movies HD app on any of your Android devices. Follow the steps mentioned below to download the app easily:

1. Change the settings in your Device to allow unknown sources.

2. After that, search for the website from which you will be downloading the app.

3. Start downloading the file from an unknown source you wish to. Make sure it is safe and serves only the original app to you.

4. The next step is to install an AM video media player to run the app smoothly.

5. Now Open the Movie HD App and Play Any Video, It Will Ask you to Choose the Format. Simply Choose Any You Like and It Will Automatically Open the AM Player App to Stream Your Video.

6. You Can Even Download the Movie from AM Player App. Just Click on The Download Button at The Top Horizontal Bar.

How to download Movie HD for Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV?

Follow the steps below to run Movie HD APK on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV. The trick shared earlier in this post was long and tight, so I have updated it in a shorter and efficient way.

Installing Movie HD to Fire Stick/Fire TV with Android Phone

  • Turning ADB debugging and Installation of Apps from Unknown sources ON in your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
  • Power up your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and navigate your way to Settings > Device. Set the options for ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources to ON.
  • Now Navigate your way to Device> About > Network. You’ll see the IP Address of your Fire Stick listed in the right-hand column. Pen it down; we will use this later.

2. Install Apps to Fire on your Android Phone

  • Download Apps2Fire App and Install it on your Android Smartphone.
  • Download Movie HD APK From the Links above and Install it on your Android smartphone.
  • Run Apps2Fire and Navigate your way to Settings Tab, put the IP Address of your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.
  • Swipe Across Local Apps and Select Movie HD and Click on Install.

3. Once the app upload finishes, you will see a Notification, which says “Movie HD installed” on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

How to download Movie HD to Fire TV stick/Fire TV with PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac)?

In this method, we will be going to use ADB Tools to install Movie HD on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.


  • Your Computer and Fire TV Stick should be connected to the same network.
  • Movie HD APK downloaded into your computer
  • Computer with an active installation of ADB tools
  • Download the ADB Tools for the platform you are using.

Windows, Linux, MACINTOSH

  • Now that we have ADB Tools installed, we can go ahead and start the installation process of Movie HD.
  • Launch the Command Prompt in Windows (Press Win+R then type CMD in Run box and Hit Enter) or Terminal on MAC and Linux.
  • Now, change the root directory to the location where ADB Tools are installed,
  • Now, Navigate your way to Device> About > Network. You’ll see the IP Address of your Fire Stick listed in the right-hand column.
  • Finally, to install Movie HD, enter this last command, and you will successfully install this app on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this App available on the Play Store?

No, the Movies HD app can only be downloaded from unknown sources and third-party websites.

Can I watch movies and TV shows in high quality?

Movie HD App provides movies and TV shows with multiple streaming options like 480p,720p, and 1080p quality levels.

Is this app ad-free?

Yes, this application is ad-free and provides this free access for a lifetime.

Do I need to pay anything for accessing my favorite content?

Absolutely no, this app does not ask you for any money to pay neither at the starting nor after using it for some time. It provides lifetime free access.

Is this app safe?

Yes, this app is safe for any Android device and is virus-free.

In which devices Movie HD Works?

Movie HD works on Android, Fire TV, Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android Box, and more devices

Concluding: Download Movies HD APK for Android

Movies HD app is like a golden opportunity for all those who love to spend their weekend enjoying at home with zero cost. This app has all that you want, starting from the latest and trending movies to the great dramatic TV shows. Zero cost, no registration, high-quality content, latest content regularly updated, all that Movies HD app has. There is no further excuse not to download the app at least once.

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