YouTube Vanced APK & iOS Download (Official Latest App)

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the Youtube app which lets you enjoy the videos without Ads. Download Youtube Vanced APK for Android and iOS.

Video is the instrument of the entertainment industry that attracts the users most. Millions and billions of users are connected to videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more. YouTube is one of the most demanded and popular applications where people post and access other videos. Although it is running, improving minute changes in the functionality of YouTube will attract a more impressive and appealing audience.

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Download YouTube Vanced


Have you ever wondered about adding new and exciting features to your regular YouTube, where the average watch of an hour counts to about millions and billions per day? Are you still thinking, how can you make your YouTube more interesting? Let me introduce you to the application named YouTube Vanced which is one of the most popular modded versions of YouTube which makes the standard YouTube app more advanced and unlocks many more features which the official app does not permit. Modded versions make the original app more useful and interesting to use by adding more features to it. A built-in ad blocking system, background playback feature, unlocking dark/black themes, and unlimited fun, are some of the features that YouTube Vanced APK support.

Although YouTube has many nominal features, some of its elements become annoying at times. Too many advertisements, unable to play background music, etc. are some of the difficulties that users face while accessing normal YouTube channels. But with the YouTube Vanced app, you can access all these features smoothly and steadily. You can play background music or video while watching anything on your regular YouTube application. Who wants to waste their time watching advertisements? Probably, no one. So, with this app, you can also minimize or even block the number of ads you see in between or starting any video.

Features of YouTube Vanced iOS and APK

Blocks adverts in videos:

The team of the YouTube Vanced app has blocked all the ads from the original YouTube channel where you can watch any video at any time without any delay, frustration, or pause. Automatically, it increases the time required to watch any video as well as increases the interest in the video as well.

Well suited with PIP:

PIP stands for Picture in Picture Mode, where you can work on two applications simultaneously. The maximum of the audience is looking for this fantastic feature which YouTube Vanced app has. This is the feature that the original YouTube does not possess, which makes the YouTube Vanced app more accessible and usable. The problem of playing background video is solved by the YouTube Vanced app through which you can play music or any video in the background and open other applications meanwhile, especially when you want to listen to music from YouTube as well as work on other apps as well.

Maximum video resolution enabled by default:

Videos tend to attract users only when they run without interruption. High video resolution is supported by YouTube Vanced app where the default video resolution is either set on Wi-Fi or Mobile data. Also, there is no visible quality difference in the video as the app gives you the maximum video resolution of up to360p, 720p, and 1080p.

Zoom in and out of videos:

On regular YouTube videos, you do not have access to zoom in or zoom out of the videos as they are maintained at a fixed size and can only be horizontally or vertically viewed without any change in size. Through the YouTube Vanced app, you can enable this feature on your original YouTube and watch videos in the format which suits you the best.

Variety in themes is available:

There are numerous choices of ideas you can choose as to how your dashboard and the overall application would look like. Dark, black, and white are some of the ideas to select you can choose from.

Auto-replay function:

The highly qualified and experienced team of the YouTube Vanced app introduces new features from time to time. For example, the recent update in the app says that an auto-replay or video-repeat function has been added to the app through which the video will start again automatically.

Possibility to configure the speed and resolution of the videos:

The high speed and resolution of the app make it more stable and appealing. There is no decrease in the rate and resolution of any video you are watching on YouTube.

How to install YouTube Vanced App for Android and iOS

download youtube vanced

YouTube Vanced app is easy to install on any Android device but the difference in procedure comes when the device is rooted or non-rooted. Below are the steps to install YouTube Vanced app in your rooted and non-rooted device:


  1. The first step is to uninstall all the YouTube updates from your phone and disable auto-update from Play Store.
  2. The second and essential step in downloading YouTube Vanced on your device is to change the settings and enable unknown sources so that you can download YouTube Vanced app on your device without any restriction.
  3. Then, download the YouTube Vanced app on your phone from any of the websites or unknown sources.
  4. For logging into the app and using it further, you have to download another app named MicroG APK and login into the YouTube Vanced app.
  5. After successful installation, choose your favorite theme from the Layout settings.
  6. Finally, listen to your favorite music in the background and watch videos ad-free.


  1. Download the official installer from the “root” page
  2. Select the appropriate Vanced APK version for your smartphone
  3. Select the second theme that you need to install
  4. Move downloaded APK to SD-card/Downloads or into the installation zip
  5. The next step is to uninstall all the updates of YouTube and disable auto-update from the Play Store
  6. Now, flash the installer in TWRP


  1. There are three ways to install YouTube Vanced via Magisk
  2. The first, simple and most recommended way is to install the application via Magisk repo
  3. The second method is to enable Magisk from the root installer > settings.
  4. The final method is to use the Magisk module which provided in the download section

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have an option of changing themes in our original YouTube app?

Yes, you have three options of white, black, and dark themes to apply to your original YouTube app.

Installation was successful; still, the app does not appear in the app launcher. What should I do?

It would be best if you had chosen Magisk installer for downloading the YouTube Vanced app, and this is applicable only for the Android Oreo version.

Does PIP mode still work?

Yes, it works but only with Android Oreo

Is the background playback option downloading the video?

After you play videos in the background, it only downloads the audio.

Do I need to pay anything to access the features of the YouTube Vanced app?

No, this app does not charge for every feature it is giving.

How to Install the Latest Updates?

Can keep updating your app or download the latest versions of the YouTube Vanced app from other websites.

Can I install YouTube Vanced as I usually install other APK’s?

It is possible but only for the non-root version

Is the “Crop to fit” option working with Galaxy S8 and S8+?

It is working with the rooted version but currently does not support the non-rooted version because the package name has changed. No worries, the feature named “Pinch to Zoom” will do the same functionality.

Can this app affect the original app in the wrong way?

No, the YouTube Vanced app does not make any changes to your original app unless you allow it.

Conclusion: Download YouTube Vanced for Android & iOS

YouTube Vanced app is the modded version of YouTube with some extra features and options. These improved features and functionalities add more to the popularity of YouTube. It is a freely accessible app without any registration, which provides highlights of playing background videos, adding your favorite themes to the original app, permits auto-reply function, and much more.

It is easy to download, but the procedure changes for rooted and non-rooted devices. Zoom-in, the zoom-out feature is the feature that attracts the maximum audience as this is beneficial at every stage when you are watching a video. Unlimited access to this app is the opportunity to be grasped and download the YouTube Vanced app. There are many other modded versions of YouTube available, but this has proved to be the best in terms of functionality.

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